Nov 5 2017

Types of Cars Rented With Enterprise Rental #property #finder

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Types of Cars Rented With Enterprise Rental

Economy Class

Enterprise’s economy class vehicles have two or four doors and feature automatic transmission, AM/FM stereo with a CD player and air conditioning. The Chevy Aveo is available in this class and is useful if you are traveling to a large city where parking and traffic are problems. The Aveo gets about 35 MPG on the highway and has about 37 cubic feet of cargo space with a 1.6 liter engine.


Enterprise offers the Nissan Versa or Toyota Yaris in the compact class. These cars both boast excellent gas mileage if your trip involves driving long distances. The Versa and Yaris both get about 35 MPG highway with 4-cylinder engines. Cars are two or four door and come equipped with automatic transmissions, air conditioning and an AM/FM stereo with CD player.


The Pontiac G5 and Nissan Centra are offered in the intermediate class. The benefit of this class is you get spacious seating and room for luggage with standards like automatic transmission, air conditioning and AM/FM stereo. The G5 gets about 37 MPG on the highway and the Centra gets about 34. The Centra seats five people.


The Cadillac DTS and Lincoln Towncar are offered in the luxury category. Each type features a 6- to 8-cylinder engine, four doors, automatic transmission, air conditioning along with tilt/cruise control and AM/FM stereo with cassette/CD player. With the DTS you can expect about 22 MPG on the highway on a V8 engine and about 24 MPG highway for the Towncar.


Minivans are perfect for large family vacations. Enterprise offers the Chrysler Town and Country and the Dodge Grand Caravan, both of which seat seven people adequately. Both offer automatic transmission, AM/FM stereo with CD player, 6-cylinder engines and tilt/cruise control. The Town and Country gets 24 MPG highway and the Grand Caravan with 25 MPG.

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