Aug 8 2017

Used Cars Under $1, 000 #antique #cars

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Used Cars Under $1,000

If you’ve only got a grand to spend on wheels, you’ll want to look for the best used cars under $1,000 you can find. That may prove difficult, although it isn’t impossible. Consumer Reports, in an article on used car reliability, recommends consumers stick to cars under 5 years old, saying that cars 8-10 years old are more prone to start having significant problems. And, with a budget this tight, you’re looking at the much older cars. The only way to know what you’re getting is to have the car you’re considering thoroughly inspected by a professional mechanic and obtain a vehicle history report. Also look up its reliability on Consumer Reports or other sites.

Consumer Reports also cites the Japanese automakers, specifically Toyota, Honda, and Subaru, as having the most traditionally reliable used cars. Ford and Hyundai have narrowed the reliability gap, and Mercedes-Benz and BMW in recent years have also made great strides – not that you’ll find these for less than $1,000. We searched through Edmunds vehicle reviews and noted True Market Value (TMV) pricing and came up with the following cars you may wish to consider for Used Cars Under $1,000:

Other used cars under $1,000 to check out include the midsize Ford Taurus for model years 1990-1995 (see Consumer Guide listing for used Taurus prices in good, average, and poor classifications), and the 1991-1992 Chevrolet Caprice full-size sedan and wagon (and see link to Consumer Guide price ranges).

See a list of all currently available for sale used cars under $1,000 .

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