Apr 10 2017

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Used Honda Under 3000 Dollars

The used Honda under 3000 dollars turned out to actually get terrific gas mileage so I could drive around for nearly a month without having to fill up the gas tank again. Talk about used car values this was great.

I mainly used the car for driving back and forth to work, running errands, and basically doing a little socializing. Basically not any real heavy mileage driving just all local in nature but still doing all of the different things that I wanted to do and going to the places I always go.

I think a lot of people use a good quality used car for this purpose and have a nicer car for other driving trips such as traveling or when they want to make some kind of impression on other people by the kind of car which they happen to be driving.

This is actually not a bad idea really because the cheap used Honda under 3000 can be bought and maintained for very little money. The initial purchase price is low and you can often find great used cars under 500 dollars if you are lucky.

The insurance is wonderfully low because you may only want to keep liability insurance on the car due to the fact that the book value will actually be extremely low. This can save so much money per month that it might just make you think to yourself why you would even really want another car other than cheap used cars that get great gas mileage.

If you have a cheap used car then you can let the little inconveniences go such as the car I had bought for under 500 dollars which had a slight antifreeze leak. The leak was never an issue and the car ran great for many years. All I would need to do was add a little engine coolant to the tank about once a month. This cost a total of about two dollars per month if I remember correctly. Not bad for a car under 500 dollars compared to what you spend on car insurance, monthly finance payments, and al the other expense and concerns which come with owning a more expensive car.

Smaller economical vehicles like the used Honda under 3000 dollars are a real favorite of mine because I really hate spending tons of money at the gas pump all the time. It is really so disgusting to see the amount of money you are spending when you stand there filling up your cars gas tank and the cost goes thirty dollars, forty dollars, and on and on even up to sixty and seventy dollars. That is just lame in my opinion.

Quality used cars under 3000 dollars, when you know where to find them, can be one of the smartest investments that you may ever make. This has always been the case in my experience anyway.

With the money I saved by not driving some big expensive new car all the time I have been able to actually by other things which I wanted. It is nice to have a little extra money to buy things you want and this is possible if you are not tied to the big new car expenses.

The cheap used Honda under 3000 dollars may not suite everyone but for those who are interested you will likely enjoy all of the extra cash you will have in your pocket to spend on things other than your car and car insurance payments each month. It can be easy to not really realize how much these things cost if you do not add them up before you buy the car and then the surprise of just how tough it can get to actually make all of the payments and keep gas in the tank as well.

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