Oct 4 2017

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Useful Information

There is no such thing as a unified “Egyptian Culture”, for the more

Before Your Trip

Embarking on a trip to Egypt is an exciting experience as there is almost no end to the possible activities and sights that await you. Whether you are heading to the sandy location


Anomalies have been found in Egypt s Khufu pyramid two weeks into a thermal scanning project more

The ancient Egyptian Pyramids and Sphinx were the spectacular backdrop to Yanni’s two Cairo concerts more

Trip Planner

The Trip Planner is a tool to customize your Egypt vacation and share your route.

Getting Started

To add attractions to the trip planner click the “add” button to include an attraction in your itinerary. You can add as many as you want and remove them while you browse.


Once you’ve added several attractions, you can customize your itinerary by clicking on the “organize” button in the Trip Planner sidebar.

The Trip Planner automatically opens and organises all the attractions based on the cities they are located in and shows the distance between two or more cities.

Click on the city tabs to see your city route. Attractions located in the city are automatically arranged and displayed on the map based on the shortest distance between attractions.

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