May 17 2018

Why Google Is Not Developing Apps for Windows Platform

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Why Google is Not Developing Apps For Windows Platform

Microsoft and Google has a bond they are tied up with, which both the companies are now trying to break. Google developed Docs to replace Office and Microsoft developed Bing and One Drive to replace Google Search and Google Drive. But still they need each other. Google Chrome. The major app from google, has it’s major user base from windows and while Microsoft Needs Google search to attract Users to it’s Platform and services.

Windows Store has only ONE official App from Google which was updated a long time ago, But in Android Playstore there are a lot of apps developed by Microsoft, Especially in the past 12 to 18 months. Although there are a lot of apps offering google services available for Windows Lumia smartphones and other windows phone based mobiles, they are not official Apps.

So, What is the reason for this ?

One Reason Google says for not developing any dedicated apps for windows is because of it’s low market share. According to 2015 Q1 stats from Forbes, market share of Android is around 79%, IOS is around 17% and Windows is around 3% while other platforms hold the remaining 1%. Due to it’s low user base, Google is not making apps for windows. That’s One reason. (Really? YES but only half of it is true.)

Microsoft Is a Potential Competitor for GOOGLE:

Before discussing why google is not making apps for Microsoft, Let me tell you why google is developing apps for Apple platform IOS. Then you’ll get an idea of what I’m trying to discuss here.

Google started developing apps to IPHONE as soon as it realised iphone’s craze and improving market share. Google’s Major apps like youtube, Maps, search, gmail, hangouts and others are available for IOS. Apple is also a competitor, then why google is making apps for it? Why? Remember, Google’s main motto is always “People using it’s Services”.

Apple is also a major competitor for google. but in terms of providing services Apple is no match for competition between google and Microsoft.

“Google has a problem with Microsoft windows platform”

Microsoft Provides alternates for almost all the services offered by google. Bing as an alternate for google search, Outlook to replace Gmail, One drive to replace Google Drive, Microsoft Office for replacing Google Docs, Skype to replace hangouts. ( Don’t Ask me. where is replacement for Youtube.)

Google Knew that there are a lot of android users thinking to Give Windows phone a try, but due to the lack of major android apps from google like youtube, gmail, maps etc, they hesitating to take the step.

What this means really?

If google services and apps are available in Microsoft’s windows platform, then there is no way of stopping the users from moving to windows. Windows and Apple Needs less hardware when compared with android to run apps smoothly and is mostly lag free. More over, from our discussion earlier, losing a customer to windows means a lot to google.

“Windows is Not Google Friendly Platform”

Google not only looses a user from android user base but also has high chances of losing them from it’s services too, as Microsoft provides all the services that google provides.

“Google has no Plans to build dedicated apps for windows platform”

To Stop all of this from happening, One single way is not to develop apps to Microsoft Windows Universal Apps.


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